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The CARES Act: 10 Things You Should Know

The $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill is the single largest relief legislation in U.S. history, aimed at providing help for individuals and businesses affected by the outbreak. It was signed into law on March 27, 2020. The CARES Act is also known as “Phase III,” because it follows a $104 billion package passed March 18 for workers and families, and a smaller $8 billion bill to increase funding for medical treatments and testing. There is already talk of a fourth and fifth package in development in Congress. Here’s what you should know: Direct Payments to Taxpayers Americans are set
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Stock Market Volatility: It Helps to Look Backward

Obviously, many of our clients are worried about the news, the headlines about coronavirus, and the drops in the stock market happening at the time of this writing. As you know, our firm focuses a lot of attention on protecting your savings as you near retirement. But for some of our clients (depending on their unique circumstances), part of their portfolio—and/or part of their 401(k) or other retirement funds—are still subject to stock market risk. The reason for this is that based on historic return data: the stock market can offer the highest returns over time, and so might still
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Matthew McMahon, CFP®, Recognized as Top Business Leader

Matthew McMahon, Certified Financial PlannerTM and owner of Strategic Financial Planning, was recently recognized as a top 20 business leader under 40 in Flagstaff, AZ by the Arizona Daily Sun. In the article, he discusses one of the big reasons why he initially became involved in the business.   Click here to read the full story.
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